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An Egyptian Tasty Gift to the World

The FEC is on an ambitious mission to make Egyptian food products an international sensation.

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Egypt to the World

Egypt is very proud of its products and producers. When it comes to food, Egypt is an enthusiast.

We aim to grow Egyptian foods to become an international sensation.

Although not an easy task, it won’t be our first time!

Since the dawn of time and our crops have been exported everywhere, from Rome to the Arabian peninsula.

Food Export Council
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Egypt has ones of the most premium food exports internationally. In addition to that, we are constantly working on keeping our food products top-notch. With constant enhancements to our food safety measures, we ensure that our products are sure to be an international sensation!

The Food Export Council - FEC is the link between private sector exporters and the government. The council's objective is to improve the competitive advantage of the sector and strengthen the industry’s positive image in the world marketplace. FEC members are the leading exporting companies in the field, covering 27 of the food industry sub-sectors.

We Made, and Still are Making History!

Ocean-y Fish

Egypt has two of the loveliest seas surrounding its boarders: the Red Sea and Mediterranean. Our seas have ones of the most premium fish, and we really take pride in our production of fish and fish-derived products. Not to forget about our lovely Nile! Last year alone saw more than 360% increase of exports to the USA, officially breaking the $40 million mark!

Oleaginous Beauty

Egypt is exporting ones of the most premium oleaginous seeds to the United States. The Americans have shown they love it, too! Our premium natural essential oils are loved by people around the world, and the Americans are no different! With exports exceeding the $40 million in 2022, our little oleaginous beauties have shown that they are truly bar none!

Unbound Growth. Limitless Potential

The USA is one of Egypt's largest markets. By the end of 2022, Egypt has surpassed $277 million of exports to the United States alone, having shown a growth of almost 65% (in comparison to the same period in 2020). This growth to the USA shows how Egypt makes sure to improve its food produce internationally, even the USA vouches for our quality!

We export a wide range of products ranging from oleaginous fruits and seeds ($41 million in 2022), to frozen vegetables ($35 million in 2022), and frozen strawberries ($19 million in 2022).

We have also ensured to make it very simple for the US market to import our products through acquiring all the necessary certificates. All of our exhibitors have all the necessary FDA approvals, the ISO 22000, FSSC, BRC, Kosher, and Halal certified. You don't need to worry about any of your customers when selling Egyptian food products!

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